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Where passion, dedication, and experience create movement reimagined.

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Kinetic emerged from the hearts and minds of a small team of physical therapists in 2006. Since then, our Doctors of Physical Therapy continue to adapt and evolve within an industry that’s changed dramatically over the years. Yet our philosophy remains the same: valuing and prioritizing community and connection. This service minded belief system has helped us gain the trust and respect of our patients, clients, and surrounding communities.

we are stronger and more ambitious than ever as we strive to empower others to reimagine their movement.


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Our team is dedicated to helping people from all backgrounds and age groups improve their ability to move. We empower our patients and clients with awareness, knowledge, and self-assurance, enabling them to reach their full potential in enriching their quality of life.

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To be the most renowned resource for enhancing movement and lifestyles.


To inspire and equip every body to move better.

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VALUES: Guiding Principles, Philosophies, & Beliefs

1. Community – Promoting well-being in a safe, supportive environment while fostering a sense of belonging. 

2. Connection –  Cultivating meaningful relationships through communication, respect, interaction, and genuine concern for others.

3. Trust –  Embodying integrity and sincerity while following through on commitments. 

4. Leadership – Setting an example for others while motivating them to overcome obstacles and achieve personal growth.


Our passionate and dedicated team of Doctors of PT work together, influencing and inspiring others to do, be, and live better.

Dr. Darren Rodia PT, MS, DPT CEO/Owner

Dr. Darren Rodia



Dr. Rodia has been an entrepreneur for nearly two decades. As the Chief Executive Officer of Kinetic, his role includes strategic planning, calibration of initiatives, and maximizing the valuation.

Dr. Rodia’s prior roles include:

  • Serving as a consultant for physical therapists endeavoring to start their own businesses
  • Consulting with businesses seeking growth or facing insolvency
  • Guest lecturing at local universities on various business topics
  • Serving on several APTA/PPS committees and writing press releases for the PT Private Practice community

Dr. Rodia’s favorite quote is: “It’s not how hard you hit, but how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”

Dr. Cyndi Hill PT, DPT Vice President of Operations

Dr. Cyndi Hill


Vice President of Operations

Dr. Hill has been a physical therapist since 2009. In her current Kinetic role, she supports the day to day operations, from human resources to patient billing. She works with Kinetic’s management team to expand their product line and make movement accessible to all clientele. She also collaborates with fellow PT practice owners nationwide to share successes and challenges in moving their profession forward.

Dr. Hill is most passionate about treating patients with pelvic health needs, especially pre/post pregnancy or for male patients.

Dr. Hill grew up in a Navy family and lived overseas for much of her early life. It’s where she developed her love for Italian food, being near the ocean, and traveling. She’s participated in triathlons and half marathons; it’s a love/hate relationship.

Dr. Matt Schildknecht PT, DPT Vice President of Business Development

Dr. Matt Schildknecht


Vice President of Business Development

Dr. Schildknecht has over 17 years of experience working and treating in outpatient physical therapy settings with a focus on orthopedic sports medicine. He also has over 12 years of experience in sales, marketing, and networking.

As VP of Business Development, Dr. Schildknecht’s responsibilities include overseeing the performance of Kinetic’s nine locations through supervision of the Clinic Directors at each office. Additionally, he is responsible for the global marketing initiatives of Kinetic, including driving market and sales growth, increasing brand awareness and recognition, exploring and cultivating partnership opportunities, and advancing the vision and scope of Kinetic’s entire product line.

Dr. Schildknecht has three children: Sydney, Samantha, and Leo. They all play various sports, including basketball, football, baseball, soccer, and lacrosse. He’s never happier than when he is either coaching or watching them play.

Dr. Gabe Kresge PT, DPT Vice President of Product Development

Dr. Gabe Kresge


Vice President of Product Development

Dr. Kresge completed his Doctor of Physical Therapy training in 2016. As VP of Product Development, he specializes in orthopedic and sports medicine rehabilitation. Dr. Kresge’s current role is to innovate, develop, and manage all products and services provided at Kinetic. 

Prior to his current position, Dr. Kresge held the role of Clinic Director at Kinetic’s West Chester and Eagleview outpatient clinics. 

In his free time, he enjoys powerlifting.

Dr. Jason Elvin PT, DPT, OCS Vice President of Clinical Development

Dr. Jason Elvin


Vice President of Clinical Development

Dr. Elvin has been a physical therapist for over a decade. In his current role, he oversees Kinetic’s clinical product and development, as well as new PT recruitment and mentorship. He is a residency-trained board certified orthopedic clinical specialist, and his expertise includes manual therapy and lower back pain. 

Dr. Elvin is married to his wife Melissa and is a proud girl dad to Logan, Sloane, and Declynn. He loves country music, weightlifting, reading, and gardening.

Dr. Elvin’s favorite quote is: “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”

Beth Donnellan - Director of Operations

Beth Donnellan

Director of Operations

Beth has been part of the Kinetic team for a decade. As Director of Operations, she manages the day to day operations for all of Kinetic’s clinics, including HR responsibilities. 

She has been married for 27 years and, with her husband by her side, has raised three children. Fun fact – Beth has the ability to communicate and talk to anybody. She also adds that one of the best decisions she made in life was to accept a position with Kinetic.

Beth’s favorite quote is: “Those who mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind.” – Winne the Pooh

Sheri Gardner

Sheri Gardner


Director of Integrative Alliances

Leveraging her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, Sheri’s current role includes integrating marketing platforms, building and advancing relational alliances, and enhancing communication canvases through mutual wellness visions. She believes redefining movement health is a collective conversation that brings communities, organizations, and businesses together to advance new models for better living, wellness, and sustainable healthy lifestyles. 

Sheri’s background focuses on relational development and the arts for healthcare advancement. 

Sheri is the Founder of WoolPower, a non-profit whose mission is to unite communities. She has also worked with museums and galleries that are nationally and internationally recognized to launch exhibitions related to a range of health topics.

Sheri enjoys knitting and combing used bookstores. 

Her favorite quote is: “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” – Picasso

& Connection

At Kinetic, we serve our communities by joining with local organizations to give back and offer valuable education. Not only that, we cultivate enduring relationships with individuals and organizations within the movement field.

Specifically, we offer:
Pro bono services
Complimentary movement screenings
Free educational events
Sponsorships of all varieties

Alliances & Partnerships

What is partnering? Partnering is to join together through diverse collectives. It’s to align with organizations that see value in the innovation and mutuality of partnerships. 

Our Kinetic team values our alliances and community partnerships as much as your care. We work alongside organizations that share our Mission and Values to make a greater impact on our surrounding communities.

Join us as we work together to:
Promote movement wellness & health
Unify communities
Encourage creative expression
Expand learning opportunities

Through diverse educational, experiential, and expressive platforms, we welcome opportunities to work with organizations and businesses to advance the health of the body and mind.



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