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Dr. Christopher Coppins PT, DPT Clinic Director Elverson

Dr. Christopher Coppins


Clinic Director

Dr. Coppins has been with Kinetic since 2015 and completed his Doctor of Physical Therapy training in 2020. He enjoys working with all ages, from adolescents to older adults, helping patients achieve their movement goals. 

Dr. Coppins has helped many individuals with vestibular rehabilitation, including vertigo, concussion, dizziness, and balance issues. He also treats patients with TMD who have jaw pain, pain with eating, and difficulty opening their mouths.

Outside of work, Dr. Coppins enjoys sports, being outside, and spending time with his wife and daughter. He is an avid golfer, fisherman, and outdoorsman. He and his family enjoy hiking and camping throughout Chester County’s state parks. Dr. Coppins also plays ice hockey and coaches youth ice hockey in West Chester.

Dr. Josh Brain PT, DPT Staff Physical Therapist Downingtown

Dr. Josh Brain


Staff Physical Therapist

Dr. Brain has been practicing in outpatient settings since 2020, when he graduated from the University of Pittsburgh DPT program. He treats all ages for orthopedic, sports, and vestibular conditions. His specialties include concussion care for vestibular complaints as well as return to sport. He also has his Direct Access license. 

Dr. Brain is a massive soccer fan. He’s been playing his entire life and watches domestic and international soccer regularly!

Dr. Shawn Henry PT, DPT Staff Physical Therapist Downingtown

Dr. Shawn Henry


Staff Physical Therapist

Dr. Henry received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Temple University. He works closely with people of all ages and backgrounds to help improve their everyday lives. Dr. Henry has a particular interest in athletic populations and supporting them to return to sport as quickly and safely as possible.

Leveraging his experience as a former athlete and avid weightlifter, Dr. Henry has a solid understanding of what is required for athletes to perform at their highest level, and he implements specific strategies for each individual to get there. He also has a background in data analysis and enjoys using real time information to give patients a better understanding of goals and how they can reach them.

In his free time, Dr. Henry likes to golf and exercise. He also enjoys being outdoors, fishing, hiking, and playing with his dog, Oliver.

Dr. Matthew Cloutier

Dr. Matthew Cloutier


Clinic Director

Dr. Cloutier completed his Doctor of Physical Therapy training in 2014. As Clinic Director, he supervises and supports his staff while managing clinic operations. Dr. Cloutier also oversees the Kinetic Sports Performance program, operations, and staff.

His expertise includes sports and orthopedic rehabilitation, injury resiliency, return-to-play, and data analytics related to injury risk and management.

Dr. Cloutier is a father of three and loves spending time with his wife and children. He and his family like to stay active, doing anything and everything! They also enjoy watching all sports, most of all soccer. The family’s favorite team is FC Barcelona.

Dr. Angelo Labrinakos

Dr. Angelo Labrinakos


Director of Athletic Training/Partner

Dr. Angelo Labrinakos has over 19 years of experience working and treating in outpatient physical therapy settings with a focus on orthopedic sports medicine. He has also amassed 3 decades of experience as a licensed Athletic Trainer, serving as a preceptor to student Athletic Trainers and as a mentor to newly graduated Athletic Trainers.

Dr. Labrinakos currently serves as the Director of Athletic Training, overseeing the provision of medical coverage for practices and athletic events in local schools and organizations. His commitment to promoting health and safety in sports is evident through his leadership and involvement in the Athletic Training profession. With Kinetic’s exceptional team of Athletic Trainers, the focus is on delivering top-notch services ensuring that athletes receive the preventative care they need, that they recover effectively and that they excel in their return to play after suffering an injury. Dr. Labrinakos is married to his amazing wife, Laura, and is a proud father to Katelyn and Mady. They share their home with two beloved dogs, Max and Milo. In his leisure time, Dr. Labrinakos enjoys hiking, spending time at the beach with his family and passionately rooting for his Philadelphia sports teams.

Dr. Anthony Mitchell USAPLCC Director of Training Eagleview

Anthony Mitchell


Director of Training

Anthony Mitchell completed his Bachelor in Exercise Science Degree in 2020. As Director of Training, he oversees and manages Kinetic’s training programs to ensure that quality, science-based programming and the highest level of coaching are offered.

Specializing in strength, conditioning, and biomechanics, Anthony’s PT experience has allowed him to demonstrate and teach exercise techniques correctly, including progressing or regressing properly. He instills confidence and creates an understanding of exercise in individuals and groups.

Outside of prioritizing time with his family, loved ones, and pooches, Anthony tries to be in the outdoors as much as possible. This includes all kinds of recreational sports, hiking, and traveling around the country. If he’s not outside or at work, he’s likely at home eating and watching any Philadelphia-based sports teams! Anthony is also a USA Powerlifting Club coach.

Olivia Hurston

Olivia Hurston

Kinetic Train Performance Coach

Leveraging her Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology with a minor in nutrition, Olivia’s current role includes overseeing and training athletes in individual and team settings. As community outreach coordinator, she communicates with teams and organizations interested in working with Kinetic Train.

Olivia takes pride in her ability to create and modify programs based on the experience and needs of an athlete. She clearly and efficiently leads athletes through exercises while maintaining an uplifting environment. Olivia also prioritizes creativity and connecting with others.

Several interesting facts about Olivia are that she has been to ten different countries and grew up speaking German. Her hobbies include hiking, reading, weightlifting, and attending live music events.

Amit Parehk

Amit Parehk

CF-L1 Trainer

Kinetic Train Performance Coach

Amit’s fitness journey began as a teenage athlete in high school playing soccer and conquering cross-country tracks. Later in the army, fitness became more than just a choice, it became a way of life, instilling discipline, and determination within Amit. But his passion for movement didn’t stop there. From center stage as a lead dancer in a Broadway play to discovering the transformative power of CrossFit in 2011, Amit has been on a relentless pursuit of pushing boundaries and unlocking potential. Balancing a 9 to 5 grind as a Business Intelligence/Business Analyst and coaching part time, Amit became a certified CrossFit Trainer, driven by a deeply personal mission to help others achieve the seemingly impossible through movement. In 2023, Amit pushed his boundaries again by training for a Men’s Physique Competition and winning 3rd place in two categories and 2nd in another.

Currently, Amit is Kinetic’s performance coach for the Pennsylvania Huntsmen Hockey team, guiding athletes to become stronger, faster, and more agile in the Gym. In the near future, Amit plans to become a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and a Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES).

Beyond the gym, you’ll find Amit cherishing moments with his family, grooving to his favorite tunes, honing his woodworking skills, and relentlessly training for upcoming Men’s Physique competitions.


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